Renovations UpdateThe Steel Pier in Atlantic City has completed the first phase of its renovation process and opened on Friday of Memorial Day Weekend.  The First phase was a $20 Million Dollar makeover that included the addition of two new unique bars, a party area for birthdays, new rides like the Star-Flyer which soars 400 feet into the air and is the highest ride of its type in the world.  There will be eight new family rides opening in phase one,  one of which is the Freedom Flyer, which swings back and forth like a gigantic pendulum while also spinning riders 360 degrees. Also check out the History of the Steel Pier, Read There are a total of 22 rides for kids and adults of all ages, one of the most popular and rare opportunities is the Skyline Helicopter Tour that arrives and departs from the end of the Pier, riders coming off said it was the most thrilling and amazing tours they've ever done.  Look for the the 80 foot high Ferris Wheel and the Crazy Mouse in addition to Ride the Rocket a 225 foot sling shot type ride that is a real adrenaline booster. The Taj Mahal Skywalk connector has been transformed into a Steel Pier facade and includes an arcade among other things.  The new renovations have really made an impact on it's visitors, every single person walked out of the Pier saying they had a fantastic time. The entire renovation budget is $100 Million over 3 years and should restore some of the luster and entertainment value the Steel Pier once had, it will again be a place to see everytime you visit Atlantic City, NJ!  Check out the Steel Pier on Face Book Here