Resorts Atlantic City DealIt's official, Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville and Land Shark Grill team up with Resorts Casino in Atlantic City to create some unique synergy in the travel industry at the Jersey Shore. Although the official press conference from both parties will be conducted next week, we have some of the details about this new relationship. Grand Opening May 24, 25, 26, 2013 - Labor Day Weekend Free Concert Event featuring Wilson Phillips and several other bands on the beach! Margaritaville Casino was originally rumored to be acquiring the former Trump Marina prior to Golden Nugget purchasing that Marina front property about two years ago.  All during that time, Resorts was talking with several large chains like the Hard Rock brand in an effort to transform AC's original casino. Fast forward to July 20, 2012 and you have something fantastic happening, here are the details of what we know now. The first order of business will be to construct a Margaritville restaurant inside Resorts Casino in an area that will alow for indoor and outdoor boardwalk seating and easy access for visitors walking on the boardwalk.  The restaurant in this location now called Bread Sticks Bar and Grill.  The next part of the plan calls for reconstruction of the former Steeplechase Pier that once hosted the tall "Space Needle" ride in the 70's and 80's.  On the pier they will build a Jimmy Buffett's Land Shark Grill, a mellow, fun tropical style restaurant similar to Margaritaville which fits perfectly there.  One just opened in Myrtle Beach, SC and has a Sky Wheel attraction on the premises, the on in AC will have a similar concept.  In addition to sections of the hotel and casino being converted to a Palm Tree and Parrot-head theme, a unique style Beach Bar will be built in the former location of Nikki Beach. News of this level is excellent for the Barrier Island and Shore Town of Atlantic City, New Jersey, John Jackson a local businessman from the AC Hotel Experts said "the more attractions of this magnitude that come to Atlantic City, the higher the chance of returning AC to it's glory days, just sayin".   Many professionals in South Jersey agree with Jackson, they all have their fingers crossed.