Retro Nightclub in AC

Boogie Nights – 70′s and 80′s Retro Club

NEW Location – Tropicana Casino Resort on the Boardwalk in AC

What: Boogie Nights Nightclub – 70′s and 80′s Retro Experience

Where: Tropicana Casino Atlantic City, NJ (NEW LOCATION)

When: Friday and Saturday nights 9pm til

Boogie Nights 70′s and 80′s Retro Club in Atlantic City is the best place to party at the Jersey Shore.  A flashback experience like no other awaits you.  Located inside the Tropicana Casino (moved from Resorts in 2012), may be one of the most unique nightclub experiences in New Jersey, check it out to see what I’m talking about!

Top 5 best things about Boogie Nights Atlantic City!

  1. The Music – even the 20 somethings know the best songs from the 70′s and 80′s.  All of the sudden, bam, a song you loved back in the day is on and you start migrating to the dance floor.  From “Y.M.C.A.” – Village People (1979) to “Get Down Tonight” – KC & the Sunshine Band (1975) and great songs of the 1980′s.
  2. The Crowd – This scene is very relaxed and enjoyable.  The music and the experience breaks down all barriers and allows everyone to have a great time.  You’ll find people of all  ages from the early 20′s to the late 40′s.  Nicely dressed, good looking people, especially hot cougars are a plenty.
  3. The DJ- Unlike a modern club, requests are virtually impossible to played, at Boogie Nights, the DJ ensures your requests get played and that everyone is on the dance floor at all times.  You can request Shout Outs for a small gratuity, which adds to the excitement of the night.
  4. Table & Bottle Service- If you want to chill in style, try either preferred Table Seating next to the dance floor or the VIP Booths behind the DJ.  Both have liquor minimums but not bad.  Special packages are available for Bachelorettes and Bachelor Parties.
  5. Streakers & Roller Girls- This is wild.  The roller girls are extremely sexy, wearing short shorts and skimpy tops, they will make the men’s head spin.  Be aware of the streaker, a completely nude, really hot guy may pop up behind you and run through the crowd at different times of the night, especially be aware of the song “The Streak” for the potential of a hot streaker.

Front of Line Passes – You can find Boogie Nights Front of the Line Passes online, this saves you about 45 minutes on a busy night because you bypass the line and go directly to the VIP Line to the left of the podium.  Check the link above for VIP Access to Boogie Nights.

For the reasons we feature above and the fact that hot Cougars and Swingers are everywhere, you’ll enjoy the music and the entire Boogie Nights Atlantic City experience!  I’ll see you there this Friday or Saturday night!

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