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Atlantic City All Inclusive Package Deals

Does Atlantic City offer vacation deals or hotel packages that really save me money?

You may be asking yourself this very question, well, we have the answer.

After hours of online research at the top travel sites on the internet like Expedia, Travelocity,, Orbitz and Priceline, we finally found the one company that offers REAL Atlantic City Vacation Packages.  So the answer is YES!

Company Name is the Atlantic City Hotel Experts, website is, Toll Free Vacation Package Hotline is 1-800-641-8399, Located at 34 N. Mississippi ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 Local Phone is 609-347-9000.

For the purpose of comparing the Hotels Rates and buying the components with the Package Price, we will show you how much money you’ll save by booking a Vacation Package.  The research below shows you would save a minimum of $100 on a two night package at the Courtyard By Marriott in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The company offers 10 plus hotels with all kinds of show tickets buffet coupons shopping discounts, etc.

Ask about their Comedy Stop and Shop Package, Resorts Show and Dinner Package and many more 1-800-641-8399.  Travelers are raving about how much they get for the same price of a hotel room, buffet vouchers, shopping coupons, show tickets, restaurant discounts, its truly amazing.  The hotels in Atlantic City they offer include both casinos, motels and hotels; Golden Nugget, Resorts Casino, Atlantic Club, Courtyard Marriott, Ramada, Tropicana Resort, Blue Green Resorts and many more.

2 Night Atlantic City Package Deal costs $79.00 and Includes: The name of the Vacation Deal is called “The Comedy Stop & Shop Package”.

  1. 2 Nights Hotel at the Tropicana, Atlantic Club Casino
  2. 2 Comedy Stop at the Tropicana Tickets
  3. Over $700 in Coupons for the Walk Atlantic City Outlets
  4. $100′s AC Passport to Savings Coupons
  5. Casino Buffet for 2 People

If you were to buy each component total Cost would be : $179.00

  1. 2 Nights Hotel Room = $79.00
  2. 2 Comedy Stop Tickets + $50
  3. $700 in Savings +$20
  4. 2 Free Drinks +$15
  5. 2 for 1 Breakfast Buffett + $15

Total cost if you purchased each inclusion seperately would be $179.00 or a savings of $100 for a two night stay.

Yes, Package deals in AC can save you money, contact the company listed above and start saving NOW!  Atlantic City Package Deals!

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