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Around this time of year, among the most frequent requests I get are my opinions on the city’s nightclubs.  Nightlife in Atlantic City has been on a huge upswing over the last five years or so – right along with the expansion in restaurants logically would follow an expansion of nightlife.  Restaurants, nightlife, and shopping – the holy trinity of non-gaming attractions.  Here’s the skinny on some of Atlantic City’s better post-dinner venues.  DUSK at Caesars - Newest and #1 Rated in AC Atlantic City’s “Hottest” and newest nightclub located Caesars Atlantic City.  One of the Original Partners was DJ AM who passed away in 2009.  The most interesting aspect of Dusk nightclub is it's layout. The design is a series of concentric ovals, with two full bars encircling the outermost ring and the DJ booth (AKA Dusk’s central command center) is located in the center. You'll find comfortable private booths surrounding the dance floor, where most clubs don't have them, front and center. You'll find cool spinning lights hanging from the ceiling emitting vivid, electric colors that flash to the beat of the music. The lighting experience is impressive, you'll be amazed. What really sets Dusk apart from other Atlantic City nightclubs are its escape routes. For example If you need a smoke or some freesh air or want to talk elsewhere, the DUSK connects to a gated, outdoor patio area that’s easily accessed without having to gain re-entry into the main club. You'll also find the Dawn room, a cool looking separate space within the main club that has a more relaxed feeling, complete with private tables, this is where you want to escape when getting closer with your date. The Fifth at the Chelsea Nightclub Experience The 5th floor at the Chelsea Hotel is a happening nightlife experience. C5 is really trendy inside bar and nightclub that is sure to please players of all ages.  The Cabana Club is the outdoor nightlife experience surrounding the pool on the 5th floor.  Great outdoor bar, live music or DJ.  You may want to work on getting on the VIP list as the lines on Saturday nights tend to be long.  Have fun and enjoy the 5th at Chealsea (c5 and Cabana Bar). Casbah at the Taj Mahal Every nightclub claims that they are the one spot that you go to in order to be seen by the socialite crowd.  Casbah lays that claim as well, but they have more of a right to do so.  Casbah is the granddaddy of AC nightlife, and at one point way back in the day it was the only nightclub located within a casino.  The enormous space with a seemingly nonexistent ceiling is ringed by catwalks, in which dance the famed Casbah Girls.  They’re famous for one reason: they’re hot.  Nuff said.  The crowd also tends to be more of the young, hip, well-dressed variety that also knows their way around a dance floor.  Bring your rhythm when you go here – if you don’t, you’ll be the only one without.  Drinks can run on the expensive side, especially when you’re buying round after round for that hot (and not over-dressed) bachelorette party that you’re looking for some VIP treatment from.  Ladies never pay a cover, so the proverbial fishing lake is always well-stocked.  In summer, Casbah will typically put about 4,000 people thru the door on any given Saturday night.  Happy hunting, gentlemen.  The Pool at Harrahs - The Pool After Dark Who would have thought that the Pool at Harrah's would turn into a successful nightclub venue in Atlantic City. Most people that have been there for themed party or on a Friday or Saturday night have said it was incredible. Great music, fabulous cocktails, beautiful bikini clad waitresses and bartenders and a whole lot of good looking men and women. Check with Harrah's directly for the latest party schedule for The Pool, we guarantee a hot night for everyone ! Boogie Nights Atlantic City - Resorts Casino - Retro 70's, 80's Looking for Cougars? If you love a 70 & 80's Flashback, you have to check out Boogie Nights at Resorts Casino! You can dance to your favorite Retro Flashback songs from the 70's and 80's every Friday and Saturday night. If you have great memories like I do, from the 70's and 80's don't miss Boogie Nights at Resorts.  See you there.  Cougar Town in Atlantic City. 32 Degrees Quarter at the Tropicana  32 Degrees Luxe Lounge, known to the in-crowd that frequents it as just “32”, is a small and swanky lounge on the third floor of the Quarter at Tropicana. The interior has two bars with seating, but the prime real estate is the booths and tables where the sole purpose is to be seen. 32 is absolutely the place to go to debut those new designer clothes - it's one of the few places in Atlantic City where both male and female fashion knowledge along with coveted expensive labels might be recognized and get you respect.  On weekend nights you will probably find just as many people waiting to get in as are already in the lounge, so you might want to consider calling ahead and booking bottle service.  The smarts of calling ahead are directly proportional to the size of your group: if you have 15 people and show up no-notice, you can rightfully expect to wait. 32 Degrees offers VIP bottle service (609-572-0032, www.32lounge.com) where you can buy a bottle of booze and guarantee yourself a table. High-end service, a beautiful wait staff and a jet-set crowd are the fundamentals of getting in and hanging out.  Tell Brian the VIP Manager that the Mole sent you – he and I go back a few years.  Blue Martini at Bally's This dark, chic setting located at the Boardwalk entrance off Bally's casino floor offers more than 100 variations of martinis, top-shelf liquor, live music and a bar with a built-in frosted ice rail.  Blue Martini had the first ice rail in town (before Red Square) and live entertainment is offered Fridays and Saturdays. Atlantic City Nightclubs Besides live entertainment, there’s the three 60-inch plasma screens located along the wall behind the bar. Blue Martini features 26 vodkas from 12 countries and a catalog of more than 100 designer flavored martinis ranging from watermelon to chocolate. All martinis are presented and shaken at the table.  Those same martinis are half-price Monday thru Friday from 5 to 7pm, making for one of the best happy hours in town.  Don’t think that Blue Martini is solely for the martini enthusiast.  Single-malt Scotches, small batch Bourbons and a wine by the glass menu accent the martini catalog to create a well-rounded selection of high-end choices.  Blue Martini is open seven days a week and seats 125.  It’s a great bar, but that’s all.  There’s not much room to dance to the music, so it’s more of a relaxed sit-down atmosphere.  Club Escape (Formerly Deja Vu) This multi-level dance club is dark, mysterious and packed to the walls almost every weekend night. The music ranges from House, Progressive House, Club and Disco Classics, all played on a 20,000 watt sound system that will make your bones and your rump shake.  Club Escape is an upscale establishment with a liberal but strictly enforced dress code (no jeans, no sneakers). Scantily clad shot girls & guys roam the various neon sectors of the club. Club Escape offers six inside bars, three levels and a late-night kitchen serving sandwiches, snacks, pizza or seafood. Open 9pm-5am, and the cover charge varies from $10-$20 after 11pm.  The crowds here in general may be lighter and the atmosphere more laid back than in the casino-based clubs, and the entertainment staff is not opposed to switching the vibe to a more hip-hop type if so requested.  Game On Pier at Caesars While not a full-time nightclub, Game On! offers bottle service after 10pm in addition to the bar, HD monitors, and existing menu.  Most of the seated areas (booths, skyboxes) except for the bar have a one bottle or two cases of beer rule during late night.  Bottle service and everything else that Game On! is famous for, plus the city’s only mechanical bull – I smell a winner.  10Til AC Hilton Hilton’s new Saturday-night-only venue caters to an older nightlife (think 35 to 55 instead of 21 to 35) crowd.  Their rather hot jazz singer was on this month’s cover of CityAtlantic, and just about everyone in town has been asking where she has been all my life.  10Til, formerly known as the Chairman’s Club, is the place where you can actually hear the music and you won’t need to scream across the table to your date.  For just a $10 cover, that’s a great deal.  Also featured here is the spectacular wraparound ocean view and leather furniture.  Said Phil Juliano, senior regional vice president of marketing for the Hilton and Resorts Atlantic City. “It's an adult nightclub experience that focuses on good food, great entertainment, quality desserts and fine cocktails,” “There's going to be top-notch hors d'oeuvres, fine wines, champagnes … things we know patrons desire.” Mixx at Borgata There are a few people out there who still gripe about Mixx eliminating its food service (tapas and sushi, how we miss ye), but nobody complains when the doors open on Fridays and Saturdays at 10pm.  Those doors don’t close until the party’s over, and there’s plenty of action to be had between the dance floor, the bar, and the VIP bottle service that such hotshots as Howard Stern and Billy Crystal have made use of.  Despite the Borgata’s opening of mur.mur just across the property, Mixx is still a club that you can go to just to be seen.  Its hip factor is still alive and well. Mur.mur Borgata Borgata had to open a second club because one premium nightlife venue simply wasn’t enough in the building that locals have dubbed “Vegas East”.  Mur.mur is a standout among local clubs because it fills a niche that no one else had: Mondays.  “Mur.mur Mondays” have been the talk of the town since they started, since it gives weeknight city guests, conventioneers, and local industry workers who have weekdays off a place to party should the need arise.  Mur.mur, just like its sister Mixx, is open 10pm until whenever on Fridays and Saturdays, with Mondays added on at Mur.mur.  Planet Rose Another entry in the “not completely a nightclub” file, Planet Rose Karaoke Bar is the only full-time karaoke spot in the city, always ready to go for when you’ve had one too many and the inspiration to channel Neil Diamond kicks in.  In addition, Planet Rose hosts the Men of the Cave male revue show on Saturday nights, making it a bachelorette magnet.  Liquor, karaoke, and bachelorettes: what else could you ask for?  This venue is small, but what in lacks in size it more than makes up for in personality.  There’s the story on the club scene in Atlantic City – like the city itself, it’s Always Turned On, and a visitor should have no trouble finding what suits their taste.
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